“No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.”


One of the main purposes of our project is to Onboard more people into Crypto, Blockchain and Gaming through Play-To-Earn, Axie Infinity Scholarships and Content/Art Creation.

Real-World Change

"Axie Infinity is allowing a rural Filipino community to survive unemployment during the coronavirus pandemic by rewarding players with cryptocurrency."

Full Transparency

Funds Allocation from the NFT Sales and Future Roadmap plans are public and readily available always! We know exactly WHY we created this project and what we are trying to accomplish. We want to help others.

Multiple Languages

We want to educate more individuals on not just Cryptocurrency but bridge the gap betweeen different communities of people especially in places with limited access to and/or resources.

Redeem your Pages for a Complete Physical Copy of this NFT Comic-Book.

Community Support

We created a Play-To-Earn Gaming Guild in order to more effectively accomplish our mission and onboard others into the world of Blockchain gaming and Cryptocurrency.

Minted on Opensea!

Become an Axie Trainer and Join the AxiePhenom Family NOW! Redeem your Pages for a Complete Physical Copy of this NFT Comic-Book.

Random Axie & Other NFT Giveways for Holders Every Single Month! These NFT's can be anything from Axie's for Axie Infinity or Cars for the REVV Racing Game and also even $DPET tokens for MyDefiPet amongst many other prizes and rewards.


Join our Community to get Rewarded!

  • Instant rewards just for joining US!
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  • Crypto & NFT Airdrops occur freqently and we hire new team members directly from our Community!
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Something Organic, Inspired by something Original!

AxiePhenom™ Lore bring's you stories from around the AxiePhenom Metaverse which is the alternate universe in which these Axie's inhibat. *Not affiliated with Mavis Hub or Axie Infinity not any of it's partners. .

We hope to use NFT's and Cryptocurrency to change the world.


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Hear from Our Community!


It's been so fun to work with Pavo, I've managed to integrate it properly into my business flow and it's great

Dawnyaa - NWJB Community Manager


Good day sir, I just wanted you to know that I'm going to quit playing Axie 'cause of the new update, hope you understand thank you for your guidance for the past few months.

Yeshua - NWJB Axie Infinity Scholar


Good morning, I want to volunteer my self as a research team (Play-2-Earn) sir, what do I need to learn to be one of your research team sir?

M_Marzan - NWJB Community Manager


honestly sir I really want to invest in making an artwork after I graduated in my pre med I also want to go back to art because before I love making drawings and graffiti arts but because of my degree i forced to stop it. so Im planning to get back in art again but in digital art as my hobby while studying in med.

Immanuel - NWJB REVV Motorsport Driver


my pc runs smoothly now sir, i did my best 😅 the movement keys are a bit too sensitive but i'll get used to it soon my 2nd and 3rd lap were better than my first and i can improve and do better for sure.

Yusuke - NWJB Guild Streamer


Big thanks to you sir. Finally I found my guild that I can work for because i've been looking for a scholarship for almost 3 months Hahahahah. Thankyou sir for this great opportunity 😊🥺

Immanuel - NWJB Community Manager


Increase awareness surrounding Axie Infinity and The oppurtunities that exist involving blockchain, NFT's and cryptocurrencies. Support a Real Project helping real people Today!

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